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At Mold Removal Company, we’re the top supplier of mold solutions for commercial and residential settings. We guarantee the most reliable services of mold inspection, mold prevention, and mold restoration Chicago market offers. Our customer’s health and safety are our priority, which makes us 100% committed to helping you keep exceptional air quality. Mold Removal Company is a family-run business that offers sustainable procedures to fulfill the quality and environmental responsibility that you expect. With the expert mold specialist Chicago has at our company, you will have in your hands a cost-effective solution for your mold issues.

List Of Services Our Mold Specialist Chicago Team Provides

Mold Inspection Chicago

As part of our services, we provide mold inspection Chicago residents require in order to determine if your space has a mold problem.  In the case of mold, we will check what type of mold may be growing, the extent of mold growth, and the source/cause of the mold issue.

Mold Removal Chicago

Count on us for the mold removal Chicago houses need when mold is found. This simple process is carried out by a mold specialist Chicago residents trust and involves the elimination of the mold in your space. If you would like a more complete service then mold remediation may be for you.

Mold Remediation Chicago

In complete mold remediation Chicago residents require, we will thoroughly remove the mold from your space, identify its source, sanitize, and attempt prevention of future mold growth. Trust our mold remediation Chicago service. Our mold specialist will ensure the safety of your space.

Mold Damage Restoration Chicago

In certain cases, a mold inspection may identify major issues that lead to mold removal and mold damage restoration Chicago residents need, a process that includes repairing and replacing materials affected by mold. Our mold specialist Chicago trusts can manage this situation for you!

Learn More About Our Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Chicago Services

The concept of mold remediation was developed by specialists in our field to encompass a series of steps performed in order to reverse the damage that mold can cause to the environment. If after a mold inspection Chicago professionals perform, you are advised to get a service of mold remediation, it means the inspection revealed a potentially dangerous mold development in your home. Mold can build up to levels that may pose a risk to the integrity of your house and threaten your family’s health.

Our mold remediation Chicago experts recommend making use of the most effective procedures to spot the origin of the mold and eliminate it at once. Keep in mind that while mold can develop in visible areas like walls and ceilings, it can also grow out of your sight in places hard to reach like the inside of walls. As mold needs a dark, moisturized environment to spread, it often grows unnoticed until the people exposed to it show symptoms, and then a thorough inspection is performed by a mold specialist Chicago offers.

Signs of Mold According to Mold Specialist Chicago

Mold infestations can show up in any space in your house, and each of them has different sources. The most common are the following:


Poor insulation in the attic is a common reason that promotes mold development that will most likely need professional service of mold removal Chicago companies offer. The fluctuating temperatures caused by a faulty insulation system lead to an increase in humidity over time, and this allows mold to grow due to the exposure of spores to moisture. Other issues that can generate mold issues are:

Living Spaces

Laundry rooms may be the favorite place for mold to grow, followed by bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. The mold inspection Chicago professionals perform usually starts in these places, and the experts will look for signs like the following:

Basements And Crawl Spaces

Underground places like basements and crawl spaces provide an ideal environment for mold development, and without regular inspections, you might need the service of mold remediation Chicago experts offer. Keeping a humidifier throughout the year can help control humidity levels in your home. However, this should go hand in hand with periodic assessments of places with water where mold can grow and become a major expense due to damage. When performing an assessment, look for the following:


When it comes to mold inspection Chicago services, the exterior of your home often goes unnoticed, however, it should be checked a few times a year. If you want to avoid the costly mold restoration Chicago homeowners fear, make sure you address timely water damage in the following places:

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